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Personal Development

Whether it's cultural capital, extra-curricular opportunities or life in modern Britain, our resources can help you to reflect on pupils' personal development so you can get them the best chances for success.

Personal Development Audit

Personal development is essential for equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for their overall success and fulfilment in life. This audit pack helps you to explore how your school support pupils' personal development, such your citizenship, RE, PSHE and RSE curricula as well as wider opportunities for pupils in developing their cultural capital.

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Your key personal development questions answered

What is a personal development audit?

A personal development audit is typically conducted by school leaders to identify strengths and weaknesses in the school’s approach and to develop plans for improvement. In essence, personal development focuses on the curriculum provided by schools that extend beyond the academic, technical or vocational, and how this supports pupils to develop in many diverse aspects of life. This can include the schools' RSE/RSHE curriculum, how they support spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and how well they prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. 

Why is a personal development audit useful to schools?

Personal development is a crucial aspect of a child’s education and it’s increasingly being recognised as essential for success in later life. A personal development audit can help school leaders to ensure that their school is providing a comprehensive and effective education that promotes the personal development of pupils. It also helps to

identify any gaps or areas for improvement. 

School leaders can then use this information to make targeted changes to policies, the curriculum design and provision to better support pupils’ personal development. By prioritising personal development in this way, school leaders can show that they’re committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and

attributes needed for success in later life.

How will Ofsted inspect personal development?

During an inspection, Ofsted inspectors will evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s provision for personal development. This will involve looking at a range of evidence, including the school’s curriculum and how it supports pupils’ personal development, the school’s approach to promoting pupils’ social, emotional, spiritual, cultural and moral development, extracurricular activities, the promotion of pupils’ physical health and wellbeing and the support for pupils’ mental health and wellbeing.

Based on their observations and evidence, Ofsted will provide a judgement on the school’s effectiveness in promoting pupils’ personal

development. This judgement will be included in the overall assessment of the school.

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