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Stakeholder Surveys

Gather feedback and analyse insights from staff, pupils, parents/carers and other stakeholders with Honeyguide's help.

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School Stakeholder Survey Pack

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Your key staff and pupil voice questions answered

Why conduct a stakeholder survey?

Conducting surveys is a valuable way to gather feedback and insights from the school community, including staff, pupils, parents, carers and governors. This feedback can help to identify areas for improvement, uncover potential challenges and highlight successful initiatives. By understanding the needs, concerns and suggestions of the school community, leaders can make informed decisions to enhance the learning environment and address specific issues.

Surveys also promote inclusivity and empower stakeholders to voice their opinions, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration within the school community. Sending out surveys demonstrates a commitment to actively listening to the voices of all stakeholders, promoting transparency and creating a more pupil-centred and inclusive educational experience.

What should I consider when administering a survey?

There’s a lot to consider when planning, preparing and administering a survey. Some things to remember to help ensure the process runs smoothly include:

  • Communicate the purpose and importance of the survey to participants.

  • Consider timing and duration.

  • Maintain confidentiality and data protection throughout the survey administration process.

  • Engage participants through reminders, incentives and effective communication channels.

  • Analyse the survey responses thoughtfully and utilise the findings to inform decision-making and drive improvements within the school community. 

What is the best approach to sharing survey feedback with the school community?

Promptly share the survey results with your stakeholders to ensure they feel heard and valued. Embrace transparency and sincerity by acknowledging both the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the feedback. Clearly communicate how the gathered insights will contribute to building a stronger school community and inform your school improvement priorities. While it may not always be feasible to implement every requested change, provide a rationale for any limitations and offer opportunities for further discussion.

For staff, consider sharing the results during INSET training, staff meetings or department/phase meetings. Engage pupils by conducting whole-school/phase/year group assemblies or arranging for teachers or members of the SLT to discuss the results with each class. If it is challenging to share results verbally with parents, alternative methods like email, newsletters or your school website can effectively disseminate the information.

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