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Behaviour and Attitudes

Find out how Honeyguide can support you to audit your current behaviour practices and uncover any areas of weakness, and then follow this up with training or additional support.

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Behaviour and Attitudes Audit

Explore more than just the attitudes and behaviours of pupils themselves with this audit pack by looking at the effectiveness of your policies, procedures and school culture when it comes to promoting a safe, health and respectful learning environment.

Your key behaviour and attitudes questions answered

What is a behaviour and attitudes audit?

A behaviour and attitudes audit involves a comprehensive review of the school’s policies and procedures related to pupil behaviour and attitudes, as well as an examination of the attitudes and behaviours of pupils themselves. This could include exploring your behaviour policy (and other related policies), logs of rewards, sanctions, incidents, suspensions and exclusions, observations, pupil voice surveys and other key documentation related to pupil behaviour.

How will Ofsted inspect behaviour and attitudes?

Inspectors will observe the behaviour of pupils in classrooms, during break times and in communal areas, such as corridors and lunchrooms. They’ll also speak to pupils, teachers and other staff members to gain an understanding of the school’s culture and the behaviour expectations that are in place.

Why do school leaders conduct behaviour and attitudes audits?

The purpose of a behaviour and attitudes school audit is to identify opportunities for improvement and to develop strategies to address any concerns or challenges. The audit can help schools to create a positive learning environment that supports pupil success and wellbeing and to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to thrive academically and socially.

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