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CPD Planning and Preparation

Explore how to effectively plan and prepare continuous professional development (CPD) with our support.

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CPD Planning and Preparation Pack

Looking to plan and prepare an effective continuous professional development cycle? Whether you’re wondering how to explore the training needs of all staff within your team or want to ensure you have a combination of whole-school and individual-focused support, this CPD Planning and Preparation Pack can support you throughout the process.

Your key CPD questions answered

What is CPD?

In education, CPD stands for continuing professional development and it refers to the process of staff members continually developing and improving their knowledge, skills and expertise throughout their careers.

The Standard for teachers' professional development shares that CPD should:

  1. Have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes.

  2. Be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise.

  3. Include collaboration and expert challenge.

  4. Be sustained over time.

CPD can take various forms, such as attending workshops and webinars as well as engaging in self-directed learning and research.

Why is CPD important?

The findings from phase one of the two-part Department for Education’s commissioned Independent review of teachers' professional development in schools highlights that the research, as well as most schools, recognise “teachers’ professional development is important for pupil outcomes.” Put simply, evidence shows us that better teaching will lead to better outcomes so school leaders should consider how they can support staff to improve.

What does effective CPD look like?

Effective CPD should enhance the skills and knowledge of your team and be transferable into practice. To help plan effective CPD, you need to consider what you hope the intended impact of the training will be on staff practice and pupil outcomes first. From this, you can then plan what effective CPD will look like for that particular context.

Some of the key considerations when planning effective CPD include:

  • How relevant is the content?

  • Is it reflective?

  • How engaging and interactive is the plan?

  • Who is it led by?

  • Does it cater for all or particular groups?

  • How long will it last?

  • Will practical application be possible?

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