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Inclusion and SEND Audits

Explore how you can consider the needs of everyone in your school community, from pupils and parents, to staff and stakeholders, with Honeyguide's range of inclusion audit resources.

SEND Audit

Effective SEND provision is essential in providing a supportive and inclusive environment for pupils. With the information and resources in this pack, you can feel confident and well-prepared to audit this area and assist your continuing school improvement journey - perfect for new and experienced leaders alike.

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Your key SEND questions answered

What is a SEND audit?

A SEND audit is a comprehensive evaluation of support and services within a setting that caters specifically to pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. The purpose of this audit is to ensure the school is effectively meeting the needs of pupils with SEND and providing them with appropriate education and support.

The audit typically examines various aspects related to SEND, including the curriculum, inclusivity of teaching and learning practices, assessment strategies, effectiveness of education and health care plans (EHCPs) and professional development opportunities for staff. It also evaluates the impact of these practices on pupil learning and academic achievement.

Why are SEND audits useful in schools?

A SEND audit is useful to a school for several reasons. By completing one, schools can identify areas for improvement, evaluate the effectiveness of current practices, provide objective feedback, support continuous improvement and build accountability.

A SEND audit can be a valuable tool for schools to assess, enhance and monitor their provision for pupils with SEND. It promotes inclusive education, legal compliance, accountability and establishes a clear road map for continuous improvement.

How do Ofsted inspect SEND?

Ofsted will not grade SEND as a standalone area but will use their findings to inform their judgements in other areas. During an inspection, Ofsted evaluates various aspects of a school’s provision, including its effectiveness in meeting the needs of pupils with SEND. Throughout the inspection, inspectors will consider evaluate against the four key judgement areas:

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