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  • What is Honeyguide School Leader Support?
    We're a tailored support service and resource base for school leaders at all levels, whether you're a new, aspiring or experienced school leader. You'll find a range of resources ( ) that you can purchase as a one-off - we've also got a subscription option coming soon. You can find out more about who we are and what we do here: Our aim is to guide your through the trials and tribulations of school leadership because we've been there too. Let us know the types of resources you'd love to see. You can ask us here or reach out on social media for a chat too at: And find the rest here:
  • What exactly does Honeyguide do?
    We make resources aimed at supporting school leaders at all levels. You can find them here: However, we're not just providing a load of forms and telling you to fill them in because they'll help you. We provide guidance and information to structure your thinking so you'll know more about whichever aspect of school leadership you're interested in. We also love the school leadership community out there! Want to chat leadership with us? Find us on social media!
  • Why are you called Honeyguide?!
    The name Honeyguide comes from the honeyguide bird, a small passerine (songbird) which lives in Africa and Asia. Honeyguides interact with humans and lead them to beehives so that humans can harvest wild honey. Just like how the honeyguide bird leads someone to a beehive, at Honeyguide School Leader Support, we can lead a person towards a successful outcome by providing direction, advice and support. We utilise our knowledge and expertise to help guide and navigate leaders through challenges and obstacles, just like how the honeyguide helps someone navigate through the forest to find the beehive. (So if you were looking for a dating site, we're afraid you've come to the wrong place.) Find out more here: or read the blog here:
  • What is Honeyguide's philosophy or approach to education leadership?
    You can find out all about our approach here:
  • I have a problem or question - how can I get in touch with you?
    Leave your question or comment here and we'll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can email us: or reach out to us on social media:
  • I have a school leadership problem. Do Honeyguide offer coaching and mentoring?
    Sadly, we don't at the moment. But watch this space - it's something we'd love to offer in the future. Of course, we'd recommend purchasing our resources to help guide your thinking about any school leadership issues you have, but we're more than happy to give you any hints we've picked up across the years of school leadership if you reach out to us on social media ( ) or by email ( ).
  • I work in the education sector and would love to collaborate with you. How do I do this?
    How exciting! Please contact us at:
  • I'm not happy with the resource. Can I have a refund?
    As per our terms and conditions ( ), we do not refund your purchases of digital resources under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. This is because when you make a purchase, you have the ability to download the resource instantly. To safeguard you against this, we provide our terms of service before you purchase and there is a tick box at checkout that you must agree to which states that you understand the terms of service. However, if you're unhappy with a resource you've purchased because of its quality or usability, please contact us by emailing and we are more than happy to work with you.
  • I think I've found a mistake in your resource!
    We're only human. Please let us know by emailing with full details and we'll get it amended for you.
  • I bought a resource but the link is no longer working!
    Our resource links expire after 30 days. If you've lost access, please contact us on with details of your original purchase and we'll endeavour to send you another copy.
  • What types of resources does Honeyguide offer for new and aspiring school leaders?
    Honeyguide offers a wide range of resources for new and aspiring school leaders, including guidance on leadership skills, team management, school improvement planning, self-evaluation, change management, and more. Our resources cover various aspects of school leadership to support your professional development and help you succeed in your role. What's more, if you're looking for something specific then get in touch! We'll be more than happy to help out. Try the following areas: Browse the resource store - New To Leadership - School Inspections and Improvements - Middle and Subject Leaders - Curriculum and Standards - Behaviour and Pupil Welfare - Working With People - CPD -
  • How can I access Honeyguide's resources?
    Simple. Just go to our resource store and browse, or use the search function if you're looking for something specific. Resource Store:
  • What formats do you resources come in?
    When you make a purchase, you'll receive a ZIP file. This will contain the resources, which are typically PDFs, MS Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or Excel (.xsls) files. If you look at the "What's included in my purchase?" section of the item you wish to buy, there is a detailed list of what you'll receive.
  • Are there any free resources available from Honeyguide?
    Browse our resource store and see what's free and on sale right now!
  • Can I customise Honeyguide's resources to fit my specific needs as a school leader?
    Absolutely! The only resources that are not customisable are our PDFs (like all PDFs) although some have checkpoints with spaces for you to add notes, digital or handwritten. You can customise any of our templates, which are usually Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. You can work directly on to them or adapt and amend them as you see fit. You can even copy them over to your school's headed paper if it suits. If they're unmodified, you can share them with colleagues but as soon as you make changes, you'd be breaking the terms of service. For more details, see the instructions that comes with each pack or our terms of service here:
  • Are Honeyguide's resources available to anyone, or only to members or subscribers?
    They're available to everyone. At Honeyguide, we're all about choice. You may need one specific pack to help you with a problem, or you may want to build your knowledge through our courses and resources. It's got to be about what you need for your leadership role. You can find all of our resources here: We're looking to offer a subscription option in the future but right now, you can purchase whatever you need, whenever you need it. Be the first to know when we do by signing up here:
  • I'm an experienced leader. Can I still use Honeyguide?
    Yes, of course! While we talk a lot about new and aspiring leaders, school leadership is an ever-evolving landscape. Our resources are aimed at anyone wanting to learn more about specific aspects of school leadership so they can feel confident in getting the best outcomes for pupils in their care.
  • What are the benefits of using Honeyguide's resources?
    We think there are loads! Firstly, we're not about telling you that a particular resource will magically make pupils behave or will instantly raise standards across your entire school. We are here to lead beside you and guide you, but we can't come to your school and fix every problem you may have (as much as we'd want to!) We design our resources with this in mind - that they are there to help you think and give you choice so that you can make the best decisions for the pupils in your care. We've carefully considered this in our resource creation so that when you purchase a something from us, you'll be getting guidance from experienced school leaders who've been there alongside various forms and templates to put to use in different ways. For example, our CPD courses have two versions of the course presentation - one designed for longer INSETs and one for shorter staff meeting so that you can choose whichever suits you best - at no extra cost! But most of all, we're here to save your time and protect your head space. If a purchase from us saves you an hour, makes you feel more confident and relieves just a little bit of pressure, then we feel that's a job well done!
  • Will Honeyguide's resources save me time or just add to my workload?
    They'll save you time! Our guidance is there to give you straight answers and will save you time when considering your options. Our templates and forms are ready made so you can use them and go - no need to make fiddly tables on a word processor. And as much as we want your business, if a resource of ours is going to just add to your workload, then don't buy it! However, if you know it'll make a difference to your leadership and therefore the children in your care, then please do!
  • How often does Honeyguide release new resources?
    Whenever we can, but some of our resources do take time due to the nature and size of them. Our aim is to release a smaller pack each week, give or take.
  • Can you guarantee that Honeyguide's resources will help me to improve as a school leader?
    While we would love to say yes, the truth is that we are here to offer guidance, not guarantee that all of your school leadership issues are fixed by our resource. Because our resources are self-led and self-guided, plus the fact we don't come to your school to work directly with you, it would be unfair to say that we can guarantee it. All of our resources come with a disclaimer, which is: This resource is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as professional advice. The information provided herein is not tailored to your specific circumstances therefore we can not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or appropriateness of the information presented. Any reliance you place on the information provided is strictly at your own risk.
  • Are Honeyguide's resources based on research and best practices in the field of education leadership?
    In short, yes! While all staff who work at Honeyguide have experience of school leadership, we know that education theory and policy moves quickly. Because of this, we underpin everything we do with research so that you can be assured that you're receiving up-to-date information.
  • Are Honeyguide's resources aligned with any specific education standards or frameworks?
    As we're based in England, we create some of our school leadership resources with the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework in mind. This is not to say we believe in or agree with it, but it is what schools are currently judged on and as our aim is to help school leaders, we provide guidance and support with Ofsted. We also base our resources around key documents from the DfE, for example, the National Curriculum, SEND Code of Practice, KCSIE and so on. That being said, some of our resources will apply no matter where you are in the world. Our CPD course - - are a good example of this. Great education is the same no mater where you are!
  • I don't want to buy a large pack - can I buy individual resources instead?
    We don't offer all our templates individually, but we do have many bundles on sale, which contain the editable templates but not the guidance. Here are some examples: - Full Audit Paperwork Bundle - - Attendance Bundle - - Skills Audit Bundle - - Parent Engagement Bundle - - Interview Task Bundle - - Safeguarding Scenarios Bundle - - Safeguarding Snapshots Bundle - - Safeguarding Quick Quiz Bundle -
  • Why are your resources so expensive / cheap?
    It's interesting that we've been asked both of these questions! We price our resources fairly based on their size and what the resource pack contains. We also like to think of it as time saved - if a resource costing £20 saves you two hours of your time, then you could argue it's money well spent!
  • Do your resources come in different formats or languages?
    Unfortunately, we only offer set resource formats at this time. These are containing in ZIP files and are usually PDFs, MS Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and Excel (.xsls) resources. Our resources are currently only available in English.
  • I want to purchase resources from my school's budget. Can you invoice me?
    Yes! Please contact us at with your requirements and we can send you a quote/invoice.
  • How does the purchase process work?
    1. You find the resources you want to buy in our resource store here: and add them to your cart. 2. Use the cart icon in the top of the site to go through to the checkout process. 3. Enter your details to complete your purchase. 4. As soon as you click 'pay now', you'll be taken to the download link so you can download your files straight away. You'll also receive an email with a download link and, if you're a site member, you can see your purchases there too.
  • If I buy a resource, do I get it straight away?
    Yes! As soon as you complete the purchase, you'll see a download link where you can begin your download(s). You'll also get an email confirming your purchase with the same download link(s).
  • What payment types do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We do not accept cash or chques.
  • Do you sell physical products that will be delivered to me?
    No, we only sell digital resources at this point. If you purchase one, you'll receive a download link that lasts for 30 days.
  • Why do you need my address if you're selling a digital resource?
    The address provided at checkout is your billing address. We will only use this to protect you from fraudulent use of your bank card, not to send you anything via the post.
  • I'm having trouble downloading a resource / I've lost the resource I downloaded!
    The easiest way to find what you've downloaded is to go to the 'My Orders' page here: Please note, you'll need to be logged in for them to appear, so head to the top of any webpage of ours and find the 'Log in' button next to the shopping cart icon. Once you're logged in, you can also find the 'My Orders' page in the drop down menu. On this page, you can see all the resources you've downloaded so you can redownload them as necessary. You'll also find download links to your resources in the original email we sent when you first made your purchase. If neither of these are working for you, please contact and we can resend the links to you.
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