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Prevent Duty Update (2023-2024) Bundle

Prevent Duty Update (2023-2024) Bundle

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Need to update colleagues and yourself on the changes to the 2023 Prevent duty? This brilliant PowerPoint and checklist bundle does the job - and best of all, it's free!

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What's included in this bundle?

This free 15-slide PowerPoint contains the key information about the changes to the Prevent duty, which come into effect from 31st Decemeber 2023. Use the training presentation to update yourself or present it to staff and colleagues across your school and trust.  

The accompanying two-page handout and checklist summarises the presentation and can be sent to staff following the session so they have a chance to revisit the material. You can also use the handy checklist and resource suggestions to ensure you know what your next steps are in fulfilling your obligations under the Prevent duty.

Please note: This free resource does not replace full safeguarding or Prevent duty training - its purpose is to update you and your staff on the changes only. However, our Prevent Duty Awareness Training and Audit Bundle does exactly this, and contains so much more, including a full hour-long training session, training handout, radicalisation safeguarding scenario, a Prevent duty quiz, a displayable Prevent duty snapshot poster and a full Prevent duty risk assessment in an accessible and easy-to-use format.

Still not sure? Why not download this to see what our resources are like then move on to the training and audit bundle to enhance your Prevent duty provision and ensure child are kept safe from radicalisation. 

Who will find this resource useful?

DSLs, deputy DSLs or anyone with responsibility for safeguarding and child protection will find this bundle useful.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

This free bundle will help you to update staff on changes to the Prevent Duty only.

What else can help me?

We have a robust training pack designed to cover the full Autumn term here, with Spring and Summer packs coming soon! This pack contains a ready-made training timetable, 12 Safeguarding Scenarios, 12 Safeguarding Snapshots (one-minute, one-page glances at specific safeguarding issues), 6 Quick Quizzes and a PDF containing suggestions for use.

If you’re thinking you just want our scenarios, which are amazing for interactive and collaborative staff training, we’ve got them bundled here: 

If you’re more interested in sharing information with staff, our snapshots, which are perfect to display in the staff room or send in an e-bulletin, are bundled here:

And if you just want the Quick Quizzes to check staff knowledge, these can be found here: