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Deep Dive in Every Subject: Full Curriculum Set

Deep Dive in Every Subject: Full Curriculum Set

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Looking to explore multiple subjects in your setting with a consistent approach? Wanting to quality assure learning in different subjects and build your subject leaders' skills in monitoring and improvement? Tailored for heads, trust leads, senior leaders and those with responsibility for their school's curriculum, this massive set of deep dive audits for every subject will help you to consider intent, implementation and impact questions across the breadth of your entire curriculum, allowing you to plan for improvement and (if you feel you need to) prepare for Ofsted.
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What's included in this bundle?

Save over 30% compared to ordering individually!

A huge bundle set containing guidance on what an Ofsted deep dive entails and how you can utilise a similar internal process in your own subject monitoring and curriculum quality assurance. It contains multiple comprehensive templates, including:

1. Deep Dive and Subject Evaluation Audit templates for every subject - there are over 100 deep dive questions in each individual audit document, allowing you to explore the facets of each curriculum subject based on your setting's current needs. You can use these to conduct a deep dive yourself, share responsibility amongst your team or work with individual subject leaders, providing them with a brilliant CPD opportunity to learn about subject monitoring and what happens in an Ofsted deep dive. The subjects covered are:

  • English (Primary Reading and Phonics; Primary Writing, SPAG and Spoken Language; Secondary English and Drama)
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Art and Design
  • Citizenship (secondary only)
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages
  • Music
  • PE
  • PSHE, RSHE and RSE
  • RE

Together with your team, you can utilise the questions, which are separated into primary and secondary sets for most subject areas, to reflect on the current picture of teaching and learning in your school. Many subject leads find it useful to practise these types of questions with other leaders to build their own confidence in preparation for an Ofsted deep dive, so this can be a really beneficial process to support. 

2. Subject Knowledge Question Banks - content-specific questions for each subject that cover both primary and secondary questions. They’re perfect if you want to explore the finer details of subject knowledge in your chosen deep dive area(s).

3. Deep Dive Process Overview - use and duplicate this template to structure your internal deep dive for each subject, working through the process of identifying your perceived strengths and weaknesses, observation and questioning, and creating a plan of action. 

4. Deep Dive Evidence Exploration - a handy place to collate all your observation notes when conducting a deep dive, including observing lessons, talking to pupils and looking through workbooks, folders and other evidence.

5. Conducting a Deep Dive Guidance Document - if you've never been through a deep dive before, this document talks you through the process. It includes considerations you may want to make when running your own internal deep dives over a much longer time frame than the 1-2 day inspection period, as Ofsted themselves state.

Who will find this resource useful?

This pack is geared towards those with overarching responsibility for the whole curriculum, such as headteachers, trust leaders, senior leaders, curriculum leads, quality of education leads or anyone else with responsibility for overseeing the entire curriculum. This is because all curriculum subjects are covered in this huge pack, as opposed to our smaller bundles which cover just one subject each.  

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Knowing you and your staff team may have to go through an Ofsted deep dive can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and worry, especially if you’re thinking about what questions Ofsted will ask and how you and your subject leaders will answer. This pack supports that thinking process and gives you the chance to coach and upskill your team in the types of questions Ofsted will ask, which can build their confidence hugely and make them realise they do understand the subject they lead.

However, it’s not just about preparing for an Ofsted inspection or doing things because Ofsted might want to see them - it’s about understanding the picture of your subject and knowing its strengths and weaknesses so you can get amazing outcomes for all of your pupils. If staff can't answer questions in certain areas or if you find gaps when conducting an internal deep dive, you'll be best placed to formulate your next steps in the form of an action plan, which will help to ensure improvement for all.

Key questions answered:

  • What is a deep dive?
  • What is the purpose of Ofsted’s deep dives into areas of your curriculum?
  • What does an Ofsted deep dive look like?
  • Why might I want to conduct my own internal deep dive?
  • Who should I involve in an internal deep dive?
  • How can I support my staff and subject leaders to prepare for an Ofsted deep dive in their subjects?

What else can help me?

Want to try before you buy?

All of the deep dive resources in this pack are also available as individual bundles aimed at subject or department leaders. If you're looking at purchasing the whole set (this resource) but want to see what an individual deep dive bundle contains first, then you may wish to try out one of the following packs then come back to this one, which is better value for money than purchasing each one individually: 

Core Subjects:

Foundation Subjects:

Looking for every deep dive pack in one bundle?

If you're a head, senior leader, trust leader or hold responsibility for the full curriculum, our Deep Dive in Every Subject: Full Curriculum Set is the best value-for-money option to purchase all 16 packs.

If you lead the Early Years Foundation Stage, this EYFS Deep Dive pack can help you to explore your EYFS provision in-depth and build confidence for an upcoming Ofsted inspection or deep dive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liza HT
Deep dives made less daunting! (Said our curriculum lead!)

Given the entire team lots of confidence for upcoming 'mocksteds' with the LA! Helped us to identify what to do next while supporting important conversations.

Useful preparation

Expecting the 'call' soon and this has been no end of help for my teachers and myself and got us looking deeper at our curriculum.

Lucie Martins
Superb for my team

I was looking for something to support some of my new subject leaders and this has helped no end, and our experienced subject leads have found it helpful too. We've used this as a monitoring and evaluation tool but it's definitely helped to open up some of the discussions and language that might be used in an inspection. This will be useful ongoing when we have staff change roles too.