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Prevent Duty Awareness Training and Audit Bundle

Prevent Duty Awareness Training and Audit Bundle

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The Prevent duty is a vital part of school safeguarding but how can school leaders and DSLs ensure staff are well trained on preventing radicalisation and that their school culture and practices stops radicalisation? This training audit and bundle does exactly that - use it to make all staff aware of their statutory responsibilities under the Prevent Duty and follow up your in-house training with handouts, quizzes and a safeguarding scenario. Additionally, use the risk assessment and audit tool to assess your current practices and make an action plan to keep pupils in your setting safe. 
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What's included in this bundle?

Created from the latest 2023 version of the Prevent duty, this training and audit bundle provides school leaders, DSLs and those responsible for staff training with a comprehensive package to use with all staff. The engaging PowerPoint presentation, designed to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, is ideal for a staff meeting, INSET session or twilight to raise awareness of what the Prevent duty is and the signs that staff need to be aware of. Covering key terminology (e.g. radicalisation, extremism, ideology, permissive environments and terrorism), it walks staff through how and why people become radicalised and what can be done to lower this risk and prevent pupils from experiencing harm.

The bundle also includes four additional resources to support your training efforts, which can be used during or after the session. These are:

  • A Safeguarding Scenario on radicalisation based on real-life that allows staff to discuss the signs and indicators then share how they would follow this up.
  • A Quick Quiz containing 10 questions and answers based on the content of the presentation. Use these to check staff understanding at the end of the session or send questions at a later date to see how much has been retained.
  • A Safeguarding Snapshot on the Prevent duty, ideal for displaying in your staff-only spaces or sending as an e-bulletin.
  • A one-page training handout that summarises the key information in the training presentation, perfect for disseminating after the session.  

Additionally, the bundle contains a risk assessment audit and action plan that school leaders can use to analyse their Prevent duty provision and procedures. This covers areas such as your local context, how British values and SMSC are taught to reduce the risk of radicalisation and how your policies support you in fulfilling your responsibilities under the Prevent duty.

When you make your purchase, you'll receive a ZIP file containing the whole pack, including:

  • 22-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that’s beautifully designed and animated for ease containing the content of a full Prevent duty awareness training session.
  • A PDF Prevent Duty Safeguarding Snapshot for displaying or distributing to staff. A low-colour, print-friendly version of the same PDF is also included.
  • 5 fully editable and easy-to-use Word templates that can be adapted for your setting. These include:
  1. Safeguarding Scenario - Radicalisation and Extremist Ideologies
  2. Quick Quiz - The Prevent Duty
  3. Prevent Duty Awareness Training Handout
  4. Prevent Duty Risk Assessment and Audit
  5. Prevent Duty Action Plan

Who will find this resource useful?

Designated safeguarding leads (DSLs), the designated person who oversees Prevent, MAT leaders, headteachers, senior leaders and others with responsibility for safeguarding or CPD will find this pack useful in creating a coherent approach to safeguarding training and the Prevent duty.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

The aim of Prevent is to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, all schools must have, “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.” This is known as the Prevent duty, and the full guidance can be found from the DfE on their dedicated Prevent Duty guidance page

This pack takes that guidance and breaks it down into engaging and interesting training for staff so they feel they are coming away having discussed and understood Prevent, rather than being left alone to complete an isolated training session. The same goes for the Prevent duty risk assessment tool which makes a complex and worrying topic accessible and simple, with pre-made suggestions about what the hazards could be and where to find evidence that you’re already mitigating the risks. This whole package makes Prevent duty training easier, saving you time and effort in trying to develop your own training presentation or trying to unpick complex information and make it digestible for staff.

Key questions answered:

  • What is Prevent?
  • What is Channel?
  • What is the Prevent duty?
  • What key terminology should staff  understand about the Prevent duty?
  • What is radicalisation in schools?
  • What is extremism?
  • What is a permissive environment?
  • What is an ideology?
  • What is terrorism?
  • Why do people become radicalised?
  • How might susceptible pupils become radicalised?
  • What signs can show a pupil is being radicalised?
  • What’s changed in the Prevent duty?
  • What are our responsibilities under the Prevent duty?
  • How does a broad and balanced curriculum help to prevent radicalisation?
  • How can we create a culture of safety to prevent radicalisation, including online?
  • What is our local, national and global context of risk of radicalisation?
  • How can we assess the risk of radicalisation for pupils?
  • How can we work with families and agencies under the Prevent duty?
  • How do I report concerns about radicalisation and Prevent?

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Sara Allen
Just what I needed!

Thank you for saving me time, this has ticked a box for Jan inset!