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Safeguarding Snapshots Bundle 1

Safeguarding Snapshots Bundle 1

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Thinking about how you can make staff safeguarding training more regular? These beautifully designed and informative Safeguarding Snapshots, in line with KCSIE 2024, provide one-page glances at specific safeguarding issues. Display them in a staff room or send them in a safeguarding e-bulletin to enhance your safeguarding training offer.

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What's included in this bundle?

There’s no guidance included in this resource bundle - just the following PDF Snapshots that cover 12 different safeguarding aspects:

  1. Physical Abuse
  2. Fabricated and Induced Illness (Physical Abuse)
  3. Emotional Abuse
  4. Sexual Abuse 
  5. Neglect 
  6. Child Mental Health
  7. Domestic Abuse
  8. Online Safety
  9. Bullying (Child-on-Child Abuse)
  10. Cyberbullying (Child-on-Child Abuse)
  11. Contextual Safeguarding
  12. Homelessness

Designed from the most up-to-date information in the 2024 KCSIE, each snapshot covers the key signs and indicators of that particular safeguarding issue. They detail which groups of pupils could be at more risk and other factors that staff should be aware of. They end with suggested actions to get staff thinking about how they can prevent harm and keep children safe. 

DSLs and safeguarding leads can use the snapshots in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Sending them in e-bulletins or regular safeguarding newsletters
  • Displaying them on staff room notice boards
  • Displaying them in the staff toilets on the back of cubicle doors
  • Placing them on the intranet, learning management system or other internal network
  • Creating a pack of them
  • Sharing them in regular meetings

This can help to reinforce messages from the safeguarding training you’ve already delivered and it keeps safeguarding at the forefront of staff members' minds. For monitoring and quality assurance purposes, it’s also a great way to show that you’re delivering regular updates to staff. Please note though that these 12 snapshots do not cover all aspects of safeguarding in Part one of KCSIE. We’ll be releasing further bundles soon that cover these issues. 

Please note the following disclaimer attached to this resource bundle: These resources address potentially sensitive and/or distressing subjects and are intended to be used for training purposes only. They may also contain strong language as well as terms, themes and content that depict child abuse, neglect and exploitation. All of this could elicit emotional responses and be triggering for staff using them. You must fully read each snapshot  before use and it is your duty to carefully assess their appropriateness based on your staff and your context. If you deem each one to be suitable, you must ensure that adequate support is accessible for anyone who may be impacted by the content.

Who will find this resource useful?

DSLs, deputy DSLs or anyone with responsibility for safeguarding and child protection will find this bundle useful.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

There's no guidance in this bundle - just the snapshots which can help to support your safeguarding training efforts.

What else can help me?

Termly safeguarding training packs are available. Each pack contains snapshots like these, plus quick quizzes, safeguarding scenarios and tailored training timetables. They're designed to complement each other and between them, cover Part 1 and Annex B of KCSIE. This allows you to enhance your current safeguarding training offer and drip-feed training across the year, rather than attempting to cover it all in one session during an inset day.

The snapshots in this bundle form part of the Safeguarding Training Pack - Autumn Term, which also contains 12 Safeguarding Scenarios and six 10-question Quick Quizzes. You can purchase these elements separately too: