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Safeguarding Quick Quiz Bundle 1

Safeguarding Quick Quiz Bundle 1

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Want to check that staff understand Part One of KCSIE 2024? These Quick Quizzes are time-saving and adaptable, meaning you can create quizzes on your school’s internal platform or cherry pick questions for use in meetings and briefings. Each quiz document has 10 multiple-choice questions but the answers aren’t obvious, helping to assure you that staff really do know safeguarding inside and out.

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What's included in this bundle?

There’s no guidance included in this resource bundle - just the following 6 editable quiz documents containing 10 multiple-choice questions each. They cover the following safeguarding aspects:

  1. KCSIE and Principles of Safeguarding
  2. Staff Safeguarding Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Types of Abuse and Neglect
  4. Specific Safeguarding Issues
  5. Concerns about Staff and Procedures
  6. Safeguarding Beyond the Family Setting

Designed from the most up-to-date information from the 2024 KCSIE, each quiz document contains 10 challenging questions that ask staff to recall safeguarding information and identify safeguarding issues. For example:

What is hazing?
a) Taking photos under a person’s clothing without their permission
b) Causing someone to engage in sexual activity without consent
c) Initiating someone into a group by using harassment, abuse or humiliation
d) Forcing someone to smoke or vape in an enclosed room to increase their ‘buzz’

Which of the following is the most accurate definition of neglect?
a) Failing to meet a child’s every need and want
b) Living in poverty
c) The persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs
d) The need to seek additional support to meet basic needs, such as using food banks 

Which of the following is true regarding allegations of sexual harassment between pupils online whilst out of school?
a) It is a matter for the parents/carers to resolve between themselves.
b) This is a safeguarding concern that schools have a responsibility to respond to.
c) Schools do not have a responsibility to respond when harassment occurs privately, such as messages sent between two pupils in a private space.
d) As long as the pupils are old enough to legally create a social media profile, this is an issue for the social media platform. 

These questions complement those available in the Safeguarding Quick Quiz Bundle 2. While some themes (e.g. types of child abuse) are covered again, none of the questions are repeated, meaning that you can use both bundles to build your own bank of unique and challenging safeguarding questions to use at different times and with different groups as you see fit.

Each quiz contains the answers for the DSL as well as some suggestions for why staff may believe some incorrect answers to be correct. Safeguarding leads can use the quizzes in several ways, such as:

  • On an online quizzing platform - this can help you to swiftly analysis the results!
  • During staff meetings, briefings or other team meetings
  • As part of INSET days or twilight sessions
  • Following a safeguarding training session

You can choose from the range of questions to create your own bespoke assessment or use them as they’ve been designed - each one is fully editable so it can work best for your setting and context. For monitoring and quality assurance purposes, quizzing staff on safeguarding can be a good way to show that you’re checking their knowledge is secure and responding to any gaps in knowledge with further training.

Please note the following disclaimer attached to this resource bundle: These resources address potentially sensitive and/or distressing subjects and are intended to be used for training purposes only. They may also contain strong language as well as terms, themes and content that depict child abuse, neglect and exploitation. All of this could elicit emotional responses and be triggering for staff using them. You must fully read each snapshot  before use and it is your duty to carefully assess their appropriateness based on your staff and your context. If you deem each one to be suitable, you must ensure that adequate support is accessible for anyone who may be impacted by the content.

Who will find this resource useful?

DSLs, deputy DSLs or anyone with responsibility for safeguarding and child protection will find this bundle useful.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

There's no guidance in this bundle - just the quizzes which can help you to check your staff members' understanding of different safeguarding issues.

What else can help me?

Termly safeguarding training is available. Each pack contains quick quizzes like these, plus snapshots, safeguarding scenarios and tailored training timetables. They're designed to complement each other and between them, they cover Part 1 and Annex B of KCSIE 2024. This allows you to enhance your current safeguarding training offer and drip-feed training across the year, rather than attempting to cover it all in one session during an inset day.

The quizzes in this bundle form part of the Safeguarding Training Pack - Autumn Term, which also contains 12 Safeguarding Scenarios and 12 Snapshots . You can purchase these elements separately too: