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Tackling Inappropriate Language: Behaviour CPD Session

Tackling Inappropriate Language: Behaviour CPD Session

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Support staff in tackling inappropriate language in your school with this engaging and thought-provoking CPD session. Ideal for school leaders and those with oversight of behaviour, this PowerPoint allows you to present effective CPD to teachers, teaching assistants and others to look at why pupils use inappropriate language, how staff can prevent it and how best to address it when it does occur. Budget-friendly and flexible, it's perfect to use in staff meetings or training sessions, saving you hours of prep time.
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What's included in this bundle?

A 27-slide PowerPoint designed to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, this ready-made CPD session on behaviour management focuses on the issue of inappropriate language use by pupils. It covers the basics of what inappropriate language is, such as swearing, discriminatory language and gang slang, and looks at the underlying reasons why pupils may use these terms. 

The Routes Forward section is split into two parts: how to prevent inappropriate language use by pupils in the first place, and how to address it when it does occur. Going beyond the issue of just swearing, the training session allows you to explore different root causes, such as peer pressure, safeguarding or a simple misunderstanding, and gives practical strategies on how to address bad language in line with your school's behaviour policy.

The PowerPoint is fully editable but equally can be used 'as is' to present directly to the staff members of your choosing. Each slide is carefully crafted to keep staff engaged with prompt questions and considerations for your school. It's a huge time-saver for school leaders who know they need to address the issues surrounding pupil language use - it allows you to deliver a consistent approach to different staff groups, with the flexibility built in to dive deeper into specific aspects.

Who will find this resource useful?

Headteachers, senior leaders, SLT, pastoral staff, DSLs, heads of year or anyone else with responsibility for pupil behaviour in school. This CPD session PowerPoint is designed to provide an instant solution for school leaders looking to tackle behaviour management issues in their school with a quick and easy answer to CPD delivery.

The session is perfect to reinforce messages about your school's behaviour policy, pupil conduct expectations and how you want your team to address swearing and inappropriate language use. It's particularly useful for those with less experience in behaviour management, such as ECTs, trainee teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants or other new staff who aren't fully familiar with your school's rules and routines yet. 

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

When pupils use inappropriate language, not only is it disruptive to learning, but also it means they move through the school system with a misunderstanding about the appropriate use of language in school, their community and the wider world around them. Pupils need to be clear on the expectations of their language use but this CPD session also provides staff with an opportunity to explore what might be causing it beyond a simple slip-up or the desire to look good in front of their peers.  

Key questions answered:

  • What is inappropriate language?
  • When should inappropriate language be addressed?
  • Why is tackling inappropriate language important?
  • Why might pupils use inappropriate language?
  • How can staff establish expectations about pupil language use?
  • How can staff scan and identify to prevent inappropriate language use?
  • How can staff address inappropriate language in the moment?
  • How can staff tailor their responses to inappropriate language to provide a learning opportunity?
  • How can the underlying causes of inappropriate language be addressed?
  • When should staff follow up on inappropriate language?
  • What other considerations are there around pupils' inappropriate language use?

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