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Responding Calmly to Manage Behaviour: CPD Session

Responding Calmly to Manage Behaviour: CPD Session

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Support staff in responding to challenging pupil behaviour by exploring calm responses, a practical and positive behaviour management strategy. Ideal for behaviour leads or anyone looking to strengthen staff behaviour management skills, this PowerPoint training session, designed to last for up to an hour, allows for collaboration and discussion, and is perfect for INSET days or staff meetings on behaviour management.
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What's included in this bundle?

A 26-slide PowerPoint designed to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, this time-saving and ready-made CPD session on responding calmly as an effective behaviour management strategy focuses on reducing behaviour escalation and creating a more positive learning environment.

The Routes Forward section is split into three parts, covering:

  • How staff can evaluate their own natural reactions to difficult situations, and how this can sometimes make responding calmly more difficult
  • What support staff can seek, including scripting conversations to plan ahead for common behaviour issues
  • How to avoid common pitfalls which lead to behaviour escalating, such as public confrontation between a pupil and staff member

Across the full session, there are many opportunities for staff to collaborate and discuss, including short scenarios on common behaviour situations where staff can share how they'd respond and when they'd escalate to involve others in line with your own behaviour policy. 

The PowerPoint is fully editable but equally can be used 'as is' to present directly to the staff members of your choosing. It's an ideal behaviour management course for teaching assistants dealing with challenging behaviour too. The flexibility of the design and the length of the course means you can tailor it to support behaviour issues that you're currently facing.

This CPD training course is a massive time-saver for school leaders who know they want their staff to implement more effective positive behaviour strategies in the classroom. This CPD for behaviour management does exactly that by giving your staff practical tools and tips for managing their own emotional reactions to challenging student behaviour.

Who will find this resource useful?

Behaviour and attitudes leads, headteachers, senior leaders, SLT, pastoral staff, DSLs, heads of year or anyone else with responsibility for pupil behaviour in school. This behaviour management CPD session is designed to provide a quick solution for school leaders looking to train staff with behaviour support strategies in a quick and easy way.

The session is perfect to reinforce messages about your school's behaviour policy and how you expect staff to manage behaviour calmly, including when to escalate if necessary. It's particularly useful for those with less experience in behaviour management, such as ECTs, trainee teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants or any other staff members who need some extra support in managing behaviour.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

When we don't respond to pupil behaviour calmly, there is a risk of pupils becoming argumentative or combative, which can make a situation unsafe and worrying for all involved, including pupils who witness the confrontation. However, responding calmly in the heat of the moment is easier said than done, especially when our own experiences, triggers and values conflict with the pupil's behaviour. It's also challenging when we're lacking resilience or patience ourselves, such as when stress and workload levels are high. This course addresses those issues with a practical behaviour management solution that focuses on the positive and models to pupils how to react when under pressure, leading to calmer classrooms and happier students.

Key questions answered:

  • Why is it important to respond calmly when managing behaviour?
  • Why might staff respond with anger, upset or heightened emotion when managing behaviour?
  • How does staff wellbeing affect calm responses in behaviour management?
  • How do staff pas experiences, triggers and personal values affect calm responses in behaviour management?
  • How can staff script responses to manage challenging pupil behaviour?
  • How can staff avoid pupil confrontation?
  • How can staff avoid making threats of sanctions that they cannot follow through with?
  • How can staff avoid involved others too quickly in behaviour management situations?

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