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Positive Behaviour Management CPD Course

Positive Behaviour Management CPD Course

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Discover how to build a positive and nurturing classroom environment for all your pupils with this Positive Behaviour Management CPD course. In this self-guided, research-based study, you’ll learn how to avoid the overuse of sanctions by developing practical, positive strategies of behaviour management. In doing so, you’ll cultivate stronger teacher-pupil relationships and create a classroom where everyone thrives.
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What's included in this bundle?

A self-directed study pack covering the core theme of positive behaviour management, including how to: tailor your language and phrasing; utilise strategies like managed choice and redirection; alter your classroom culture to be more positive, and  strengthen teacher-pupil relationships.

When you make your purchase, you'll receive a ZIP file containing the whole course, including:

  1. A 20-page Course PDF in full colour containing all the research, theory and guidance you need.
  2. A low-colour, print-friendly version of the same course.
  3. An editable Action Plan (MS Word document) that helps you work through the course content.
  4. A 66-slide Course Presentation (MS PowerPoint) that's designed for a 2-3 hour training session.
  5. A 35-slide condensed version of the same Course Presentation that's perfect for shorter staff meetings.
  6. Additional Resources (PDF) to support the training presentation and your learning. 
  7. Full Facilitator and User Notes to explain how the course works.

Within the course, there's also a link to request your Course Certificate at the end!

Aims: To build understanding of the benefits of positive behaviour management and to put this into practice. You'll learn about different strands, such as how practitioner language can make or break behaviour management, and use these themes to create a path tailored towards developing strategies of positive behaviour management based on your own needs. 

Outcomes: When you’ve completed the course, you will:

  • Understand the theory behind how positive behaviour management improves pupil outcomes in the long term.
  • Know the misconceptions and other external factors that influence positive behaviour management.
  • Understand different ways to manage behaviour positively.
  • Have implemented and embedded new methods into your practice.
  • Begin to see an improvement in behaviour and classroom culture over time.

Who will find this resource useful?

Teachers, teaching assistants and leaders wishing to develop staff understanding of positive behaviour management.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Using positive behaviour management strategies builds a more productive classroom environment. When practitioners model the behaviours they wish to see, they teach pupils what the desired types of behaviour look like therefore reducing the need to manage misbehaviour with sanctions. Pupils also become more self-reflective of their own behaviour and, in time, their social and emotional skills develop so incidents of disruption are less frequent. This leads to a more positive learning space for all (including staff) and better academic outcomes for pupils.

Key questions answered:

  • What is positive behaviour management?
  • What misconceptions are there around positive behaviour
  • What does a positive relationship look like?
  • When should you use positive behaviour management?
  • What factors could hinder or help your progress in using positive behaviour management?
  • Why use positive behaviour management?
  • What strategies can I use for positive behaviour management?

What else can help me?

Browse Honeyguide's CPD resources for more support.

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Positive Behaviour Management Course Review

A very helpful and easy to follow course with fantastic ideas that I have been able to apply to my lessons. I will continue to read back on useful notes. Communication with the Honey Guide team has been prompt and friendly.