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Start Point: New To Deputy Headship

Start Point: New To Deputy Headship

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Stepping into the role of a deputy headteacher is the next transformative step in your school leadership journey but now you’re in this role, where do you start? Rest assured, Honeyguide is here to provide unwavering support with this comprehensive resource designed specifically for deputy headteachers. From preparing for your new position to navigating your initial weeks and beyond, we've created this customisable checklist with tasks spanning the breadth of school leadership to ensure your success. Let us do some of the thinking for you so you can get on with what you do best.

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What's included in this bundle?

15-page fully editable checklist to support your thinking as you embark on your first deputy headship role. 

Read through the list at your own pace and start to consider some of the tasks, such as when you'll complete them by or what support you'll need. Add or delete any tasks that are specific to you and your setting and keep the document stored somewhere easy-to-access so you can keep referring to it throughout your first term of deputy headship. 

Who will find this resource useful?

New deputy heads and vice principals, aspiring DHTs and anyone who's curious as to the typical jobs a deputy headteacher will do in their first term of deputy headship will find this free checklist useful.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

This free checklist will help you to find out what jobs and tasks are typical in the first term of deputy headship.

What else can help me?

We've created a whole set of "New To" Start Point checklists to support you, no matter what area you lead on. 

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