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Literacy Intervention - Audit Template Bundle

Literacy Intervention - Audit Template Bundle

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Some pupils find reading and writing challenging, and this can be down to a multitude of reasons. If you're looking to investigate how to support struggling readers and writers, this bundle will support you - it contains audit-style questions for you to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of your current provision, allowing you to create an action plan to help pupils who need the most support.

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What's included in this bundle?

Please note: These templates are also available in the Improving Pupil Literacy Pack, a comprehensive resource set that contains over 35 pages of guidance about improving literacy, a set of five beautiful display posters, and a full range of templates covering reading, writing, phonics, language development and more. If you're looking to make improvements in pupil literacy and a pack with longevity, we'd recommend looking at this full pack first.

This Literacy Interventions - Audit Template Bundle contains three editable templates that allow you to audit and analyse the effectiveness of your current provision to support pupils struggling with literacy, including reading, writing and phonics. 

The templates included in this bundle are: 

  • Intervention and Provision Mapping in Literacy - this audit is broken into three sections - writing, reading and phonics - and covers a myriad of possible strategies for supporting pupils, either through quality first teaching, targeted support or group work. It allows you to audit your current offering for pupils who need extra support and make a plan of action for any identified gaps. (25-page document)
  • Supporting Struggling Readers in Primary Schools Audit - focused specifically on struggling readers, this template allows you to audit the leadership of reading, identification of gaps, CPD, monitoring and information sharing, and pupil voice. (12-page document)
  • Supporting Struggling Readers in Secondary Schools Audit - covering the same areas as the primary-based audit, this document allows secondary leaders to explore how struggling readers are identified and supported from year 7 onwards as part of a whole-school approach. (12-page document)

Each template is split into handy, digestible sections so you can work through the audit at a pace to suit your school and your capacity. While the two struggling reader documents focus on primary and secondary respectively, it can be helpful for leaders in both settings to understand pupils' experiences of reading in the other age-phase. 

Who will find this resource useful?

This bundle is ideal for literacy leaders, curriculum leaders or anyone with responsibility for writing, reading, phonics and spoken language. It can also support SENDCos or anyone else with responsibility for interventions, pupil progress or catch up, although it should be noted that this bundle is not exclusively for pupils with SEND; pupils of any age or ability may struggle with literacy.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

There's no guidance in this pack but the editable templates will help you to audit and analyse the effectiveness of your current provision to support pupils struggling with literacy, including reading, writing  and phonics. 

What else can help me?

Looking to audit your general provision in literacy in either a primary or secondary setting?

Thinking about auditing and improving provision in just Reading? We've got a bundle for this, with templates based on recommendations in the DfE's document, The Reading Framework.

Want access to everything in one bundle, including guidance on how to improve literacy and the considerations for each discipline with the literacy domain? The full pack will support you: