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Improving Reading Across Your Setting Bundle

Improving Reading Across Your Setting Bundle

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If you've identified that improving standards in Reading across your setting is a priority, this bundle is here to support you. Created from the DfE's key document, The Reading Framework, it allows you to audit your current provision across all disciplines of reading, including language comprehension, phonics, reading fluency, book stock, reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum, teaching reading, assessments, intervention and more.

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What's included in this bundle?

Please note: These templates and posters are also available in the Improving Pupil Literacy Pack, a comprehensive resource set that contains over 35 pages of guidance about improving literacy and a full range of templates that also cover writing, phonics, language development and more. If you're looking to make improvements in pupil literacy in all disciplines (not just reading) and a pack with longevity, we'd recommend looking at this full pack first. 

This Improving Literacy Across Your Setting Bundle contains four editable templates and five beautiful posters that allow you to audit and monitor your reading provision in order to build a strong culture of reading. It's ideal if you're a more experienced literacy lead who already understands The Reading Framework guidance, and you just want to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of reading across your setting. While much of the bundle links to teaching in a primary setting (because this is where children learn the skills of reading), it's also applicable to secondaries and those looking to understand how reading is taught in primary so they can support their secondary students who need help with their reading, phonics, fluency and comprehension. 

The templates included in this bundle are:

  • The Reading Framework - Audit - use this to explore key recommendations in each section of The Reading Framework, including language comprehension, phonics, reading fluency, book stock, reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum, teaching reading, assessments, intervention, reading in secondaries, staff understanding and more. (46-page document)
  • Paired Talk - Monitoring Template - A simple but effective template that gives you prompts on what to look for when observing paired talk between pupils and how this support language development to aid reading. (1-page document)
  • Staff Reading Aloud - Monitoring Template - use this handy template to see how effectively staff use story time and other read aloud sessions to model reading skills and promote a love of reading. (1-page document)
  • Using Talk to Support Children's Thinking - Monitoring Template - this quick-and-simple template gives you prompts to look for when observing adult-child interactions that help to develop a pupil's language comprehension (1-page document)

The bundle also includes five stylish posters that will support your endeavours in improving reading. The Gradual Release of Responsibility ModelThe Simple View of Reading and the Word Reading and Spelling - A Reversible Process posters can all be displayed to prompt, remind and upskill staff about the theory and concepts that underpin teaching pupils to read. The Building Our Reading Culture poster is a great way to build and encourage a shared love of reading across your whole setting and the Reading To Your Child - Parent Information poster will help parents and families to understand the importance and joy of reading with children at home.

Who will find this resource useful?

This bundle is ideal for an English subject leader, reading lead, literacy lead, phonics lead or anyone else with responsibility for reading and literacy in an educational setting.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

There's no guidance in this pack but the editable templates will help you to audit the strengths and weaknesses of reading across your setting.

What else can help me?

Looking to audit all disciplines of literacy in a primary or secondary setting, including writing, composition, spelling, speaking and listening, structured talk and more? 

Wanting to focus on the effectiveness of how your setting delivers literacy interventions?

Want access to everything in one bundle, including guidance on how to improve literacy and the considerations for each discipline within the literacy domain? The full pack will support you: