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Improving Literacy in Secondary - Audit Template Bundle

Improving Literacy in Secondary - Audit Template Bundle

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In secondary schools, the challenge of improving pupil literacy exists beyond just the subject of English, but how can secondary teachers with other subject specialisms be supported to see literacy as being integral to students' learning? This bundle, created from EEF literacy research, is designed to help those with responsibility for raising standards in literacy in secondary schools to identify their setting's current strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, speaking and listening across the breadth of all subjects. From this, an action plan can be created to develop staff skills in supporting pupils with literacy needs no matter what subject is being taught. 
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What's included in this bundle?

Please note: These templates are also available in the Improving Pupil Literacy Pack, a comprehensive resource set that contains over 35 pages of guidance about improving literacy and a full range of templates covering reading, writing, phonics, language development and more. While it does contain content relevant to primaries, this can support those leading literacy to gain a deep understanding of how pupils learn literacy in the primary setting, enabling them to support students in secondary who have gaps in their knowledge. If you're looking to make improvements in pupil literacy and a pack with longevity, we'd recommend looking at this full pack first. 

This Improving Literacy in Secondary - Audit Template Bundle contains two editable templates that allow you to audit your literacy provision in a secondary school setting by using EEF recommendations on improving literacy. It's ideal if you know literacy development needs to take place because it's stopping your pupils from reaching their full potential, and the bundle allows you to audit your current strengths and weaknesses, including how reading, writing and other literacy skills can be taught through the full range of curriculum subjects that your school teaches.

The templates included in this bundle are:

  • Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools - Audit - explore disciplinary literacy, vocabulary, reading, writing, structured talk and interventions across your setting with this audit. (23-page document)
  • Disciplinary Literacy - Audit - dig deeper in disciplinary literacy and how staff from different departments support the teaching of literacy through their subject specialisms. Duplicate and disseminate the audit to different subject teams, allowing them to consider how effectively they currently support your school's endeavours to improve literacy. (3-page document)

The Improving Literacy audit contains the EEF recommendations, split into handy, digestible sections so you can work through the audit at a pace to suit your school and your capacity. There are questions you may wish to ask staff for each section, as well as the specialised audit on disciplinary literacy, allowing you to RAG-rate your current position and identify next steps.

Who will find this resource useful?

This bundle is ideal for any leader in secondary with responsibility for improving literacy, reading and writing, raising standards and pupil outcomes, or curriculum improvement leaders. Those with responsibility for pupils interventions, tutoring or catch-up may also find this pack supportive.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

There's no guidance in this pack but the editable templates will help you to audit your current strengths and weaknesses of your literacy provision, including how reading, writing and other literacy skills can be taught through the full range of curriculum subjects that your school teaches.

What else can help me?

Looking for auditing literacy in primary, not secondary?

Thinking about auditing and improving provision in just Reading? We've got a bundle for this, with templates based on recommendations in the DfE's document, The Reading Framework.

Wanting to focus on the effectiveness of how your setting delivers literacy interventions?

Want access to everything in one bundle, including guidance on how to improve literacy and the considerations for each discipline within the literacy domain? The full pack will support you: