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Subject Leader Skills Audit Pack

Subject Leader Skills Audit Pack

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Looking to identify the skills and development points of the subject leaders in your school? Or perhaps you're a subject leader who wants to explore their role-specific strengths and weaknesses as part of ongoing development or when looking for a new role. No matter the situation, this handy pack contains exactly what you need to uncover strengths and plan for professional development & growth.
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What's included in this bundle?

A quick-and-easy pack to audit the skills of a subject leader. This pack contains concise guidance to support you in effectively utilising the skills audit, whether you're line managing a subject lead or whether you're a subject leader yourself who's wanting to evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement. 

Included is a 7-page template covering the different areas of skills that a subject leader may need. These are split into handy sections , such as curriculum intent, implementation and impact, personal development, and leadership and management so they can be used flexibly. Questions include:

  • Is there a curriculum intent, implementation and impact statement (or similar) in place that sets out the whole-school aims for my subject? Is the statement fit for purpose?
  • Do I know what provision is in place for pupils with SEND in my subject?
  • Do I monitor the outcomes of summative assessment to inform me about how pupils attain in my subject?
  • Do I make staff aware of subject updates, changes to requirements and other updates in my subject?

Who will find this resource useful?

The pack is aimed at supporting subject leaders but can be used by anyone who line manages a subject lead, such as a curriculum or quality of education lead, an assistant head, a deputy head or the headteacher. This can help to inform appraisal and performance management processes, as well as identify CPD needs for the subject leader.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Whether staff members are new-to-role or have vast experience in their area, skills audits are a valuable self-evaluation tool. When a staff member reflects on their competencies and expertise, they’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths they bring to their role while identifying opportunities for growth or next steps. This self-awareness can boost confidence and self-belief, as well as enabling individuals to articulate their unique contributions to the team.

When skill gaps are identified, performance targets can include specific objectives aimed at addressing these gaps, allowing those with line management responsibilities to support the staff member through professional development and further training. Skills audits can also help school leaders to create balanced teams, prepare for change, support staff retention and assist in succession planning. 

Key questions answered:

  • Why is it important for staff to utilise skills audits?
  • How should a skills audit be conducted?
  • How can skills audits inform performance management targets?
  • How can leaders identify individual staff training needs?
  • What other ways can skills audits be used?

What else can help me?

Skills audits can be used as a valuable part of the induction process when a new staff member joins your team. Find out more about how to craft staff induction procedures that allow staff to get off to a flying start in your setting with the following pack: 

If you know that your staff have training and development needs, and are looking to enhance your CPD planning, this pack will support your thinking: 

If you're thinking about recruiting a teacher with a focus on subject or department leadership, and want to use the skills audit as part of that process, then you'll find the following packs and pages useful too: