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Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Interview Pack

Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Interview Pack

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Looking to recruit a classroom teacher who'll hold additional subject leadership responsibility? If you’re wondering about what questions to ask at interview to recruit the right subject leader for your school, or what tasks you can set for a prospective class teacher and subject lead, this Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Interview Pack can support you throughout the interview process.
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What's included in this bundle?

A pack with accompanying templates to help your school setting plan and prepare the interview day, including interview questions and tasks, when recruiting a classroom teacher who'll also have subject leadership responsibility. This pack contains some guidance that allows you to consider the setup of the interview day itself, but if you're new to recruitment or want to ensure the entire recruitment process (from advertising to employment) is smooth, you may find it help to purchase the Recruitment, Interview and Employment Compliance Guidance Pack alongside this interview pack.

When you make your purchase, you'll receive a ZIP file containing the whole pack, including:

  • Concise 8-page Guidance PDF in full colour containing all the guidance, research and information you need.
  • 7 fully editable and easy-to-use templates that can be adapted for your setting. These include:
  1. Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Job Role Description
  2. Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Person Specification
  3. Class Teacher with Subject Leadership Interview Questions
  4. Subject Leader Interview Task - Teach a Subject-Specific Lesson
  5. Subject Leader Interview Task - Icebreaker and Subject Meeting with Pupils
  6. Subject Leader Interview Task - Presentation and Training Task
  7. Subject Leader Interview Task - Data Analysis

Included in this teaching and subject leadership interview pack are four different editable interview tasks plus a wide variety of example interview questions so you can find a brilliant subject leader and classroom teacher for your school. The job description and person specification for will also support you in advertising for a more experienced teacher so you attract the right candidates. Use these, alongside the interview tasks and class teacher / subject leader interview questions to create a recruitment package that's tailored to exactly what your school is looking for in a new classroom teacher.

The pack is tailored towards appointing a new classroom teacher who'll hold subject leadership responsibility alongside their classroom teaching commitment, which will likely be the main part of their role. If your school uses the  teacher pay scales, this pack would most likely suit recruitment of someone on M3-M6, or those aiming to move into the upper pay scale in the near future. It's designed for a teacher who already has classroom experience and is either moving into subject leadership, or who already has subject leadership responsibility, but they're not yet leading broader, school-wide aspects, such as a phase or year group lead. If you're looking for an interview pack for these similar roles, we have the following available too:

This pack could also be adapted for those holding other school-wide roles that have a similar level of responsibility as school subject leaders, although you may need to amend some of the interview questions for this.

Who will find this resource useful?

Headteachers, trust leaders, senior leaders, members of the governing body and trustees who lead recruitment processes will find this time-saving pack useful. This pack is also helpful for aspiring subject leaders wishing to develop their understanding of the interview process.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Planning and leading an effective recruitment process ensures you've put your school in the best position possible to recruit a new classroom teacher who's going to lead a subject (or subjects) across your setting, meaning they'll need to demonstrate high quality teaching and learning in their own classroom, but also drive change in a subject-specific area. Thinking deeply about this with carefully selected interview questions and tasks will help to ensure this is a positive experience for both those on the panel and those applying for the role, meaning your new teacher /subject leader has the best possible start in your setting. 

Key questions answered:

  • How could an interview day for a subject leader be structured?
  • What interview tasks could be used when recruiting a new class teacher with subject leadership responsibilities?
  • What interview questions could a new subject leader with a classroom teaching commitment be asked during the interview process?
  • Where can I access more support on the recruitment and post-recruitment process?

What else can help me?

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