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Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit

Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit

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Looking to review your school mental health and wellbeing  policies, procedures and processes? Wondering how you could improve or evaluate your school's approach? As a school leader, you understand the importance of ensuring that your school provides the best possible support to promote the mental health and wellbeing of its pupils, staff and the wider school community. Support for mental health and wellbeing is of utmost importance as it directly influences the overall development and success of pupils, and with the information and resources in this pack, you can feel confident and well-prepared to audit this area and assist your continuing school improvement journey.
Filled with useful points to consider, ways to move your thinking forward and covering the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) for mental health and wellbeing, this audit pack is useful for new and experienced leaders alike.
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What's included in this bundle?

A comprehensive guidance pack with accompanying templates to help you audit the mental health and wellbeing practices, policies and procedures in your setting. This audit pack is designed to help you identify areas of strength and weakness in the school’s mental health and wellbeing provision and to provide recommendations for improvement. 

When you make your purchase, you'll receive a ZIP file containing the whole pack, including:

  • 16-page PDF in full colour containing all the guidance, research and information you need.
  • low-colour, print-friendly of the same PDF.
  • 6 fully editable and easy-to-use templates that can be adapted for your setting. These include:version
  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit
  2. Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan
  3. Ofsted Grade Descriptor Grids
  4. Mental Health and Wellbeing Document Checklist
  5. Mental Health and Wellbeing Question Bank
  6. Staff Story Template

Throughout the pack, we’ll explain concepts, guide your thinking and provide scaffolds if you need them so you can focus on adapting everything to the needs of your pupils and staff, allowing you to be confident and well-prepared before, during and after conducting an audit. 

Who will find this resource useful?

Headteachers, deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers, pastoral and welfare leaders, designated safeguarding leads (DSLs)  and members of the senior leadership team wishing to develop their understanding of mental health and wellbeing practices and seeking to assess and evaluate the support and provision in the setting. 

This pack is suitable for new and experienced school leaders.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Have you conducted a mental health and wellbeing audit before? Wondering where to begin or wanting to ensure you cover all areas of mental health and wellbeing  in the Education Inspection Framework (EIF)? 

A school wellbeing audit is a comprehensive assessment of the support and resources available within a school to promote the mental health and wellbeing of pupils, staff and the wider school community. It involves reviewing and evaluating the policies, procedures and services that are in place to support mental health and wellbeing and identifying areas for improvement.

It provides a comprehensive evaluation of the school’s educational practices, identifies areas for improvement, and establishes a clear roadmap for continuous improvement. Gather the views from all stakeholders, including staff, pupils, parents, carers and governors, as well as evaluate your school leadership and management, ethos and environment, curriculum, teaching and learning, staff development, interventions and targeted support. 

If completed honestly, conducting an audit in this area can be a useful tool while collecting evidence from a variety of sources, so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the quality of mental health and wellbeing provision and services being provided for the pupils in your setting.

Key questions answered in this pack:

  • What is a mental health and wellbeing audit?
  • What sources of evidence can be used in a mental health and wellbeing audit?
  • Why is completing a mental health and wellbeing audit useful?
  • How will inspectors view wellbeing?
  • How can I conduct a mental health and wellbeing audit?
  • How can I use the mental health and wellbeing audit to inform next steps?
  • How can the mental health and wellbeing audit help to build a picture of wellbeing across the school?
  • Why is staff mental health and wellbeing provision so important?
  • What support do early career teachers (ECTs) need?
  • What is a staff story and why is it useful?
  • Why is staff induction important?

What else can help me?

The resources in this pack are also available in other packs we've got on site. We’ve done this with school leaders in mind so you can pick the ones to best suit your needs and context.

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Great tool and guidance

This was great to support me and the mental health first aider to look at what we already do and gave us some ideas on what to work on next as part of the action plan. 5*