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Start Point: Teachers' Standards and the ECF

Start Point: Teachers' Standards and the ECF

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Are you an Early Career Teacher (ECT) mentor looking to provide exceptional support? Look no further! With Honeyguide's comprehensive Teachers' Standards and the ECF reference guide, you can confidently compare the Teachers' Standards and the Early Career Framework (ECF) statements - ideal for supporting observations, development and discussions about teaching & learning with new ECTs. 
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What's included in this bundle?

15-page fully editable reference guide to support ECT mentors and ECTs themselves by comparing the relevant Teachers’ Standards to the statements in the Early Career Framework

If you're an ECT mentor or working to support ECTs, use this reference guide. It aligns the two key documents for school leaders that underpin the support entitlement for the ECT - the Teachers' Standards and Early Career Framework. 

You may wish to use it to underpin professional dialogue when meeting with your ECT or when observing the ECT so you can provide tailored support pathways afterwards. You can also align the document with your school’s chosen ECF programme provider to focus on key statements and areas. Highlighting sections can help you focus mentoring and coaching conversations around the ECF, ensuring the ECT is well supported.

There’s a handy tracker at the end of the document, where you can tick off key areas the ECT is focusing on. This can help to inform progress reviews and lets you keep tabs on areas of the Teachers’ Standards and the ECF that you’ve not dedicated time to yet.

Who will find this resource useful?

ECT Mentors will find this free resource extremely helpful.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Use this resource to help you to understand how the ECF aligns with the Teachers' Standards.

What else can help me?

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