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Sextortion: Safeguarding Training Bundle

Sextortion: Safeguarding Training Bundle

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Train staff on spotting the signs and indicators of sextortion with this flexible safeguarding training pack. With a ready-made presentation to deliver to staff, an accompanying safeguarding scenario on sextortion, quiz questions, a discussion prompt and a one-minute guide to send and display, this whole pack works seamlessly to train staff in safeguarding and keeping children safe.
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What's included in this bundle?

Created from the latest guidance for education settings on sharing nudes and semi-nudes and to support schools to embed the advice made in the Financially motivated sexual extortion: an alert for education settings from CEOP, this helpful bundle contains four resources that work together to create a full training package about safeguarding and sextortion. You can use it to train your team on what sextortion is, what the signs and indicators are and how you can best support your students in response to this rapidly increasing threat to children's safety. The bundle contains: 

1. Staff Training Presentation - Sextortion: A ready-to-deliver 20-slide PowerPoint presentation that outlines what sextortion is alongside its signs and indicators, followed by slides that allow staff to consider and discuss what puts pupils at greater risk, other factors to be aware of and what actions they should take. The presentation has built in discussion questions and finishes with a scenario and quiz to check staff understanding about sextortion.

2. Scenario - Sextortion: An editable scenario that outlines a fictional situation where child sexual extortion (sextortion) is occurring. It also includes full commentary and guided considerations for the DSL or staff member leading the child protection training. Use it to gauge how effectively staff can identify the signs of abuse as well as how they'd respond in a real-life context, including further actions they'd take.

3. Quiz and Discussion - Sextortion: There are five challenging multiple choice quiz questions that test your staff members' understanding of sextortion, plus a discussion prompt that can be used to kickstart your training session or as a follow-up question a few weeks later.

4. Safeguarding Snapshot - Sextortion: This one-page, one-minute guide is perfect for following up the session by using as a training handout, displaying in your staff-only spaces or sending as part of a safeguarding e-bulletin. 

The pack is purposefully designed to be flexible to suit your busy school. You could deliver the training in one slot by utilising the presentation, scenario, quiz and snapshot together. Alternatively, deliver the initial CPD by using the presentation, then use the scenario and quiz questions in later staff meetings or future safeguarding training session, with the snapshot used as a reminder of the training content. 

However you choose to use this bundle, it'll enhance your in-house safeguarding training and allow you and your team to continue working together to keep your pupils safe from harm. 

Please note the following disclaimer attached to this resource bundle: These resources address potentially sensitive and/or distressing subjects and are intended to be used for training purposes only. They may also contain strong language as well as terms, themes and content that depict child abuse, neglect and exploitation. All of this could elicit emotional responses and be triggering for staff using them. You must fully read the training contents before use and it is your duty to carefully assess their appropriateness based on your staff and your context. If you deem each one to be suitable, you must ensure that adequate support is accessible for anyone who may be impacted by the content.

Who will find this resource useful?

This pack is ideal for a designated safeguarding lead (DSL), deputy DSL or anyone else in a school who's responsible for delivering safeguarding and child protection training. Use as part of your existing safeguarding training offer, when you've identified a staff CPD need or in response to the concerns about the sharp increase in young people experiencing financially motivated sexual extortion. 

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

This pack will support you to upskill your staff members' knowledge about the safeguarding issue of financially motivated sexual exploitation (sextortion) and how to protect pupils from being extorted.

What else can help me?

For a safeguarding training offer that covers multiple child protection issues and is designed to cover a full term's worth of training, take a look at our termly safeguarding training packs. Each one contains scenarios, quick quizzes, safeguarding snapshots and tailored training timetables. They're designed to complement each other and between them, cover Part 1 and Annex B of KCSIE 2024. This allows you to enhance your current safeguarding training offer and drip-feed training across the year, rather than attempting to cover it all in one session during an inset day.