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Safeguarding Scenario: Upskirting (Child-on-Child Abuse)

Safeguarding Scenario: Upskirting (Child-on-Child Abuse)

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Train staff on upskirting in the context of child-on-child abuse. Included in this download is one fictional safeguarding scenario where sexual harassment between a female and male pupil is occurring, ending with a suspected incident of upskirting. The scenario is more suited to secondary settings, but could be used by primaries if focusing on year 5/6 pupils.

Also included is a guided walkthrough for the DSL or safeguarding training lead which lets you check whether staff can spot the signs of child-on-child abuse and sexual harassment as well as ensuring staff know how to respond, report and record effectively. It's ideal to use as a discussion point in a staff meeting or INSET. It can also be used in response to safeguarding trends or concerns in your setting to build staff understanding of keeping children safe.

Fully aligned to KCSIE 2024, this scenario is also available as part of the Safeguarding Training Pack - Summer Term.

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