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Attendance Co-ordinator: Whole-School Strategy and Audit Bundle

Attendance Co-ordinator: Whole-School Strategy and Audit Bundle

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Are you thinking about how to improve attendance on a strategic level? This bundle supports exactly that, with attendance audits, strategy documents and more. Designed from the latest guidance in Working Together to Improve School Attendance, it allows attendance officers, leads and co-ordinators to look at the bigger picture of attendance in their schools then use their findings to address gaps. 
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What's included in this bundle?

There’s no guidance included in this resource bundle - just six comprehensive templates to support you in looking at pupil absence from a whole-school strategic perspective in order to find ways to improve attendance. The resources are:

  1. Attendance Audit - over 70 questions for you to reflect on your setting's practice, including sections on attendance policy & procedures, analysing barriers, exploring attendance trends and patterns, attendance intervention, communication and safeguarding, and attendance enforcement. Find your current strengths and areas of improvement.
  2. Attendance Action Plan - use the gaps identified in your audit and turn them into tangible actions with this handy plan.
  3. Attendance Strategy - create this whole-school document, which contains prompts to help you, to share your vision and benchmarks for attendance with staff, governors/trustees and other stakeholders.
  4. Attendance Template Letters - Use these to pre-populate your own letters on your school's headed paper or insert the text into your management information system (MIS) to save time when informing parents of their child's absence levels. There are 15 individual letters covering a range of situations, such as concerns about authorised absences, invites to attendance meetings, term-time holiday requests and more.
  5. Attendance Co-Ordinator Job Description - whether you're called an attendance officer, leader, manager, co-ordinator or something else, this document covers the responsibilities of the role and includes a person specification. It's perfect if you're looking to firm up your (or your attendance coordinator's) responsibilities or if you're looking to appoint someone to this post.
  6. Example Ofsted Attendance Questions - whether you're due an inspection or not, this document can help you understand the types of questions Ofsted ask about attendance. Use it to reflect on the depth of knowledge about your current practice or to prepare for an inspection if you feel the need to build your confidence.

These detailed resources go into depth about the bigger picture of attendance in your school, helping you to develop attendance improvement strategies that are relevant to your unique context.

Who will find this resource useful?

Whatever your job title - attendance co-ordinator, attendance officer, attendance lead, attendance manager - if you're the person with a designated responsibility for attendance in your setting, this pack is ideal for you.  School business managers (SBMs) , school administrators and school office staff may also find aspects of this pack useful, and of course, headteachers/principals and other senior leaders looking to reduce pupil absence rates can use the pack and delegate different aspects among the SLT.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

Structure your thinking and plan your whole-school attendance strategy with this bundle.

What else can help me?

The resources in this bundle are also available in the Attendance Strategy, Monitoring and Training Pack, which contains so much more - it's got full guidance, training resources and PowerPoints for CPD for staff, plus templates to help uncover the barriers to an individual pupil's attendance in order to create attendance intervention plans. If you're looking for a resource to support the bigger picture of attendance across the school, we'd highly recommend it, plus it's the best way for schools to get value for money too:

If you like the sound of either staff attendance training or pupil-focused attendance plans and resources, then both of these are bundled too: