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Attendance Co-ordinator: Monitoring and Pupil-Focused Planning Bundle

Attendance Co-ordinator: Monitoring and Pupil-Focused Planning Bundle

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Wondering how you can support individual pupils with their attendance, including identifying barriers, addressing push and pull factors and creating attendance intervention and reintegration plans? This bundle, ideal for attendance officers, mangers, leads and co-ordinators, supports you to help reduce persistent absenteeism and improve student attendance.

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What's included in this bundle?

There’s no guidance included in this bundle - just the following seven editable templates that focus on supporting individual pupils in the following ways: 

  1. Persistent Absentee Log - use this to track your persistent absentees to ensure you take swift action to improving pupil attendance.
  2. Attendance Follow-Up Log - this is ideal for keeping records on how you’ve followed up on attendance issues, allowing you to see successes and room for improvement.
  3. Individual Attendance Audit - use this to explore health-related, home-related, academic, social, transport, pupil-based and other barriers to attendance. This is ideal to consider a range of factors before digging deeper into the pupil's views and the voices of other key stakeholders.
  4. Working Together to Improve Attendance - Discussing Barriers - This document allows you (or a pupil's trusted adult) to choose from over 40 questions to start a conversation with an individual pupil about what helps them to come to school and what makes it harder. This vital insight can help the child to feel heard and valued, as well as allowing you to create a plan that's going to get them back into school.
  5. Working Together to Improve Attendance - Push and Pull Factors - This document, which includes its own worked example, allows you to gather the stakeholder views about push factors that influence an individual child's attendance towards being in school and pull factors that create challenges or resistance for them. By hearing insight from parents/carers and key staff, a plan can be created together.
  6. Working Together to Improve Attendance - Reintegration Plan - this template supports you in creating an attendance intervention plan that's tailored to removing and reducing the attendance barriers for an individual pupil. It has space to include who's responsibile for each action as well as how often the plan will be reviewed to ensure it's working.
  7. Individual Attendance Plan - this plan is a more formal version of the reintegration plan, with space to record meeting notes, attendance history, educational welfare officer involvement, targets, expectations and any specialise support needed.

Who will find this resource useful?

This bundle is ideal for attendance officers, managers, leaders and co-ordinators who want to focus their efforts on putting personalised plans into place for pupils where attendance and absence causes concern.

What questions does this pack have the answers to?

What else can help me?

The resources in this bundle are also available in the Attendance Strategy, Monitoring and Training Pack, which contains so much more - it's got full guidance, training resources and PowerPoints for CPD for staff, plus templates to look at attendance from a whole-school strategic perspective. If you're looking for a resource to support the bigger picture of attendance across the school, we'd highly recommend it, plus it's the best way for schools to get value for money too:

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